Milwaukee Tech Week Has New Organizers for 2023

Since its inception, how did Milwaukee Tech Week evolve?

The event started as Startup Milwaukee Week in 2016. In 2021, the MKE Tech Hub Coalition was asked by the original founders to continue the annual event as the new organizers.

For two years, the Coalition ran Milwaukee Tech Week as one of our annual programs aimed at bringing the tech ecosystem together to connect individuals across the Milwaukee tech ecosystem, creating learning opportunities and inspiring others to get involved.

Now, the event will have new organizers in The Milky Way Tech Hub & Latinos in Tech.

This is an effort to evolve the event from local to regional to state-wide under WI Tech Month, a month-long celebration of the tech industry in Wisconsin that has taken place since 2021.

Why transition Milwaukee Tech Week to WI Tech Month?

This transition represents an important milestone in our journey of collaboration and community-building for the Milwaukee tech ecosystem.

By bringing together Milwaukee Tech Week with WI Tech Month, we aim to unite Wisconsin’s tech community, celebrating the spirit of collaboration and innovation to drive positive change.

Our hope is this eliminates confusion between overlapping events within the tech community and allows us to be good stewards of a unified ecosystem.

How should community organizers register an event for WI Tech Month?

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Whether you are a technologist, innovator, entrepreneur, educator or tech-enthusiast, Milwaukee Tech Week has something for everyone.