Preferred Providers

The MKE Tech Coalition highlights “Preferred Providers” based on alignment to Coalition goals.  Specifically:

  • Commitment to diversity
  • Immediately contributing to the goal of inclusively doubling tech talent
  • Up/Reskilling of target populations and/or skill sets underserved by existing programs in the region.
  • Training on in-demand skill sets (i.e. technical domains)
  • Willing to collaborate with other Coalition partners to subsidize/sponsor costs on a needs basis and chart a path to employment.
  • Ongoing mentorship of trainees and/or employers included in program design.
  • Proven success in Milwaukee or other regions (a member referral is preferred)
  • Scalable to 50+ trainees per year by 2025
  • Willing to share data to demonstrate efficacy in relation to Coalition goals

If you are an organization that is local to the area, meet these criteria, and would like to be highlighted as a “Preferred Reskilling Provider” of the MKE Tech Coalition, please contact Sarah Sewell.