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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to be the most transformational technology of our lifetimes. It has the potential to advance healthcare, improve energy and water efficiency, enhance productivity, etc. However, AI adoption will also cause disruption. The work of the MKE Tech Hub Coalition is to accelerate responsible adoption of AI technology to maintain our global competitiveness and to help our local talent flourish in this transformative era

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AI Programs

For Small and Medium Manufacturers

Our AI Workshop for manufacturers helps those who want to explore the potential of AI for their business. The workshops will help participants identify and prioritize their AI use cases, learn about the best practices and tools for AI implementation, and develop a roadmap for their AI project.

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For Startups

Every startup needs to be thinking about how AI can be leveraged in their products. Increasingly, a plan for integrating AI into your product or service is required to acquire clients and funding. Early-stage startups don’t typically have the capacity to spend time on building AI roadmaps nor do they have access to AI engineers with the expertise to guide them. That’s where our 3-Week AI Roadmap Sprint comes in, specifically designed for seed and Series A stage startups like yours. 

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For Students

Our FUSE program is unlike any other – we teach the latest tech skills in data, artificial intelligence, and Python while also helping you build the essential professional and networking skills you need to get ahead. No matter which career path you choose.

For Tech Skilling

MKE Tech Hub Coalition’s Tech Skilling Program provides solutions to qualify and retain diverse talent in Southeastern Wisconsin.  

Based on a market-responsive, employer-first design, the program reduces barriers and costs for employers to access, develop, and expand skilled talent capacity to meet business needs. This ensures our program broadens access to tech career pathways for untapped talent in alignment with demand and data trends. 

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