New Software Analyst/Developer Apprentice Openings in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (August 6, 2021) – The shortfalls in available tech talent continue to increase across markets nationally.  This provides the opportunity for those with an interest and aptitude for tech to consider whether this is the right time to make a change.

The MKE Tech Hub Coalition has formed a multi-employer apprenticeship network to build on the momentum of the last Registered Software Developer/Analyst Apprentice cohort launched in March of this year.  While the first cohort was sponsored by a single employer, the next cohort involves member companies from across industry segments who have pledged to sponsor one or more apprentices to join their tech workforce.

“This cohort will once again be powered by Apprenti, a strategic partner of the Coalition and TECNA at the national level.  Referral agencies are encouraged to direct candidates to to register their interest in a Registered Software Development Apprenticeship in the greater Milwaukee region and support their efforts to prepare for required assessments and interviews.” said Laura Schmidt, Chief Talent Development Officer for the Coalition.

Apprenti is the nation’s first technology apprenticeship program registered by the U.S. Department of Labor.  They have been approved and registered with Wisconsin Apprenticeship to help build us capacity for technology apprenticeships within the Milwaukee market.

Wisconsin has a long tradition of Registered Apprenticeship. “Registered Apprenticeship offers numerous benefits to both employers and job seekers. Apprenticeship is post-secondary education like a college or university, but there’s a big difference,” explains Joshua Johnson, DWD State Director of Wisconsin Apprenticeship. “Apprenticeship requires that employers commit to provide employment to those seeking training and apprentices learn only a portion of their skills in a traditional classroom. They receive most of their training on-the-job under the mentorship of another employee skilled in the discipline they are learning. We are excited to partner with the Coalition to continue to expand Registered Technology Apprenticeships.”

Candidates who are selected to participate will receive full time paid instruction beginning in October and transition to employer sites for on-the-job training in January of 2022.

“Building capacity for Registered Technology Apprenticeships is a critical strategy for increasing the diversity of our tech workforce, support mid-career professionals choosing to transition to tech roles, and demonstrate a collective commitment to develop local tech talent.” said Schmidt.  “We are especially grateful to member employers, many of whom have already signed the MMAC Region of Choice pledge, for being a part of building this program together.  We are simply unable to advance key talent development strategies without employer support”.

Apprenti will identify individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds with the interest and aptitude to succeed at a career in technology and support them as they prepare for their new roles at Coalition member companies.  “Since launching 4 years ago, Apprenti has placed over 1,400 apprentices across our 16 markets.  Of those, the average age is 33, 62% are people of color, 48% are veterans, almost 25% are women, and 14% are people with disabilities.  Our entire team is committed to providing opportunities that might not otherwise exist for those we serve and are excited to expand Apprenti of Greater Milwaukee in partnership with the MKE Tech Hub Coalition” said Jennifer Carlson, Executive Director, Apprenti.

About MKE Tech Hub Coalition

The MKE Tech Hub Coalition is a non-profit organization working to inclusively double tech talent in the Milwaukee region. We serve as a unifying voice for Milwaukee’s tech community, working with others to grow a vibrant, inclusive ecosystem where tech and innovation create enduring regional prosperity and life-changing jobs. Formed in late 2019, 95 member organizations now collaborate to grow tech jobs matched with the right supply of skilled talent through K-20, reskilling and attraction/retention initiatives. Underlying all initiatives is an intentional focus on increasing the diversity of our tech talent. To learn more and signup for our newsletter, visit

Media Contacts

Laura Schmidt, Milwaukee Tech Hub Coalition,, 414-732-9668

Joshua Johnson, Wisconsin Apprenticeship,, 608-733-3886

Karli Barokas, Apprenti of Greater MKE,, 206-949-7878