The Importance of Computer Science Education in M7 Region

The need to develop a strong tech talent pipeline to support the needs of both industry and society is not new and is not going away. Diversity drives innovation and contributes to both personal and regional economic prosperity. The region is not lacking organizations willing to lean in. But the power of this movement lies in the hands of district leaders who believe that a foundational knowledge of computer science is an integral part of delivering their graduate profile. 

The MKE Tech Hub Coalition sponsored Wisconsin’s first CSforALL SCRIPT cohort in 2020 to help seven local school district teams develop individualized plans to ensure all students have access to high quality computer science education. This cohort has met quarterly for two years to share best practices. Additional supports and opportunities were provided along the way. 

Competing priorities during a pandemic has certainly impacted their progress. However, five of the seven participating districts are continuing to make progress on the goals set during the initial workshop. Two of the seven have indicated that as important as it is, they are unable to staff the positions that would make it possible at this time. 

This brief summarizes the current state of computer science education in the region along with the Coalition’s commitment to continue to influence and support those charged with this important work in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

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